House Horak

Situated in the picturesque Oranjezicht in Cape Town, this cottage was designed by Wynand Wilsenag Architects and was an absolute delight to work on.

It has so many incredible architectural details that your eyes notice something new every time you look. It is almost a sensory overload at first glance, and it’s easy to get blown away by the beauty. Every last inch of the building just works, not a square metre of the building’s design was overlooked.

Our task on this project was one of the most challenging we’ve faced –  the beautiful Spruce mezzanine floor which was an engineering feat of note. Made up of 100mm X 200mm beams and 32mm flooring, it was constructed on the first floor of the building with limited space, bearing in mind the beams arrived onsite at 12 metres in length.

The beams were mounted to the walls using galvanised T-brackets and to the ceiling beams using thread bar and galvanised plates. The brackets and plates finished in charcoal black made an already-beautiful structure just that much more impressive. Once erected the floor was a masterpiece and once lit up… it’s nothing short of breathtaking.

Upon completion of this floor, we then built a Spruce staircase that that leads to one of the cottage’s bedroom, with unparalleled views across Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak.




Mr & Mrs Horak

Project type:

Residential Renovation


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